About Classes

capoeira-009Capoeira is a 400 year old Brazilian martial art developed by African Slaves as a means of entertainment, self-defense, and cultural preservation. This multifaceted system of physical discipline utilizes rhythm, dance, storytelling, acrobatics, and fighting to create a rich and mystical game played between two practitioners. Classes are fun and friendly. You’ll find your self in an accepting atmosphere with fellow students who are positive and outgoing. Students can expect a challenging cardio workout, adapted to the needs of each student. Regular practitioners can see rapid improvement in physical stamina, strength, and flexibility. Students are also exposed to Brazilian culture and history, music, and exotic instruments.

We also provide kids classes

Our popular kids program has the same physical and cultural offerings as the adults’ class, but is geared towards younger minds and bodies. This class is a fun way to get your kids moving, while also learning respect and discipline.

Come try us out! First class is always free! 

If you find yourself loving capoeira after your first class (which we expect you will), you’ll be happy to find that regular training won’t break the bank. Monthly cost for adult classes is $75, $50 for kids. We also offer a $15 drop-in rate for any of our classes for those who are unable to make a monthly commitment.

What you’ll want to bring: 

  • Loose fitting, comfortable clothes
  • Water
  • An open mind prepaired to train hard!


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